Backup your Datas after Windows Crash?

Normally we install Microsoft Windows on Drive C, and when Windows is crashed we start clamoring for how to get our files that stored on our desktop or other locations on C drive such as my documents … etc, and even if the operating system installed on other partition rather than C.

 Note: I’m mentioning the Windows partition because some times when Windows is crashed because of a virus or registry errors and cannot be repaired we do a clean Windows installation which requires formatting the partition that the current operating system is already installed in resulting of loosing all our files on that partition.

To be on safe side, by default you may not store your important files on desktop or other locations on C drive, and thats why I mentioned in one of my old tutorials “How to partition the Hard Disk Drive” that partitioning the Hard Disk Drive is important and has lots of benefits which has already been listed in that tutorial, and also you may change the My Documents folder location from the C drive into other drive in order to store your files on other drive..
So, in case if you haven’t done that before and you searched google and found this page because you have experienced the Windows Crash and want to know how to backup your files to other partition I found a very simple and useful tool that is called Puppy Linux, this tool will operate your computer from a CD or flash drive using Linux Operating system interface so you can deal with all your backups easily … don’t say I don’t know Linux, it is so simple interface and so close to the Windows GUI, This software is very easy to use even your grandmother could set it up and use it.
How Puppy Linux Works?
It simply boots from a CD/DVD disc to which its ISO file has been written/burned, or from USB flash drive, It is not installed on your computer’s hard disk drive and records nothing on that drive unless you ask it to be installed there (as Windows itself is). It runs in the computer’s RAM memory and gives you the whole operating system interface from there.

Puppy Linux Download

You can download the Puppy Linux tool from the below button which will get the downloaded file directly from its developer

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