Get Rid from Android Ads?

Ad Block Plus is an outstanding app capable of blocking all Ads from your device including the Ads which are shown inside any app or game. Ad Away is also very close competitor to Ad Block Plus so you can use any among these top two apps.Both of these apps work on every android phone without rooting it.

 First of all you need to download and install ABP in your phone.
You can download it for free from here : DOWNLOAD ADD BLOCK PLUS

Installing Ad Block Plus will need Allow application from unknown sources option marked in your phone. Now once you finish with installation of this app , simply follow steps given below to Block Ads :
In Rooted Devices : Run Ad Block Plus , it will ask for Super User Permissions. Allow this app Super User permissions and you are done.
In Non Rooted Devices : If your phone is not rooted , still you can take use of this app but you need to follow a few more steps. You can see the step by step procedure Here because configuration is different in different versions of Android.
Once you perform above configuration , Ad Block Plus is all set to block Ads in your phone. You can set some additional settings for your convenience like ads filter lists, non-intrusive ads, etc in Settings

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