What can I do to get my processor cooler?

The cooler the processor runs the more performance you are going to get out of it. Therefore, if you're looking to overclock your processor or if it's getting too hot, you may need to consider any or all of the below recommendations.
  1. Keep the computer clean - Over time dust, dirt and hair can build up and prevent air from getting in or out of the case. Make sure your computer case and ventilation is cleaned.
  2. Improve computer's environment - Make sure the computer is running in a good location. The computer should not be in an enclosed space such as a drawer or cabinet unless there is plenty of ventilation such as the back of the drawer or cabinet is removed. The computer should not be in a tight space, there should be at least a two-inch space on both sides of the computer as well as in the front and back of the computer.
  3. Verify fans - Make sure all fans in the computer are properly working. Some motherboards and computers have fan monitors that will display the RPM of each of the major fans in the computer and if they are operating properly. Otherwise, you will need to check each of the fans and look for any spinning issues or listen for any abnormal noises to determine if the fans are properly working.
  4. More fans - Consider installing additional fans into the computer. Almost all computers will come included with a heatsink and fan, as well as a case fan. However, most cases will have the availability to install a second case fan that can help bring in additional air and help keep the computer cool. Computer enthusiasts and many overclockers may also create their own air ducts with fans to help bring in additional air or take out more of the hot air.
  5. Better fans - Many computers and processors will come with cheap fans to help bring down the overall cost of the computer. Installing improved fans or heatsinks that can move the heat away from the processor better and faster can keep the processor cool.
  6. Alternative solutions - More advanced users or users who are overclocking may also wish to consider alternative solutions such as water cooled solutions to keep their processors cool.

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