Skype for Windows 8

Are you wondering that what Skype for Windows 8 interface might look like?
Skype for windows 8 handles all tasks quite well. with the chat interface being clean and simple to navigate which a nice departure from the previous UI that was not universally loved.  While still in preview state — the app appears to be –relatively solid– enabling calls and chats with little issue. you could use your imagination and probably — guess the design with a fair amount of accuracy or — you can poke around an early hands-on over at bloge — complete with a half-dozen UI grabs. From the looks of it — touch fiends will be able to tap around just as accurately as their mouse-bound counterparts can click.
During our time with the application- it did not crash a single time. In fact- when chatting via voice and text- the parties on the other end could not tell that we were using the preview app. Considering how well polished this application is–we fully expect that it will be released by Microsoft in the very near future.
Chatting via text is a pleasant experience as well too with text appearing large and easily – distinguishable and there are alternating – colored backgrounds for each person who is chatting.

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