WIndows 7 or windows 8?

Some differences between windows 7 & windows 8.

These differences are cool and will surely make using Windows 8 a brilliant experience!

Windows 7, Microsoft’s last OS to be introduced got us all spell bound. It was successful in getting people to forget the disastrous experiences of Vista and was by far Microsoft’s best Operating System.
With Windows 8 set to be released in around 5-6 months time, one can already see that Microsoft is up to something bigger this time. The initial reviews and reports have been encouraging while the expectations with this high-tech OS are really high amongst the consumers.
Here are the 5 top cool differences between Windows 8 and its predecessor.
Lightning Fast Boot Time
The past history of Microsoft suggests that we shouldn’t believe in their claims that Windows 8 will provide lightning fast boot time. They claimed it with Windows 7 too but failed miserably in bringing any considerable difference.
It is for this reason that I didn’t believe it at first when somebody told me that it took only 10 seconds for a 3 year old laptop to boot with Windows 8 (it took around 48 seconds to boot for a normal PC with Windows 7). However, it is the truth and it seems that Microsoft has finally made an improvement in boot time which is really exciting!
Close applications automatically!
I find this difference really interesting and would like to test it intensively as soon as I get the final copy of Windows 8. Traditionally, all versions of Windows (including Windows 7) left it up to the user to decide whether he wanted to close the running programs or not. In such a case, computer performance depended upon your actions and if you started using a lot of programs at once, your system’s speed slowed down as you ran out on RAM.
Windows 8 tries to help you in managing your programs and your system’s performance by actually closing the applications and programs which you haven’t used for a certain time-period (no need to worry, the Windows will auto-save it before closing it) so as to help you in keeping your system speed intact.
Dynamic Desktop
Windows 8’s desktop would be a lot different from the desktop of a Windows 7 user as Microsoft has replaced the normal shortcut icons with dynamic tiles. You can change their size and place similar applications around each other- or anything else that my suit you.
The important thing to understand is that these tiles just don’t open up the application but also display information from them. For instance, if your RSS Feed has got something interesting, it will start to show on the tile right away!
Mount ISO images without a problem
Another difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8 is that Windows 7 could only burn an ISO image to a DVD but Windows 8 actually betters this by offering you the option to mount the image too. In Windows 7, you didn’t have the option to make virtual drives to use the ISO image’s content but Windows 8 allows you to create a virtual drive to mount the ISO image so that you can easily use it just like a normal DVD.
Some say that Microsoft has been late in offering this feature but I say ‘better late than never’!
Built-in Antivirus
Moreover, Windows 8 has an antivirus present inside the kernel of the operating system. This means that your system won’t boot if a corrupt USB device is plugged in. It sounds impressive though I don’t know whether it would pass the test of time…. and viruses!
All in all, I do expect Windows 8 to be a serious upgrade on Windows 7 and with Microsoft working on the things that require some tweaking; I genuinely believe that Microsoft is finally ready to launch an OS which will take the world by storm!

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